7 Nov 2011

Album Review: TRASH TALK - "Awake EP"

"Yeah the good die young, but the great survive to burn alive"

4.5 out of 5

Quantum of furious hardcore punk

Clocking in at around 9 minutes, Trash Talk's latest release is a lean, mean, thrashing dream. The EP's five songs efficiently portray the bands frustrations over violent hooks, racing drums, and aggressive guitars - a truly enjoyable sonic assault.

With the shortest song clocking at 0:58 and the longest at 2:17, this EP is an exercise of economy but honestly, it doesn't feel like it while listening to it because each song feels finished and never truncated. 

Like a siren blast signaling the danger that lies ahead, each song begins with the sound of guitar feedback before the wall of instruments sneak up and attack like a ninja. And like a ninja, the attack is precise and well-disciplined unlike the usual punk outpour. The guitar melodies are simple but memorable and vocals are urgent but controlled.

They called the EP "Awake" for a reason, listening to this album will raise your heart rate, make you nod your head or even compel you to dance. Like a George Foreman grill, Trash Talk cut out the fat without compromising the taste and the results are hardcore delicious.

Favourite track:
'Gimme Death'

Other recommended tracks:
'Awake' (NSFW)

'Burn Alive'

(you might as well listen to the whole thing by now...)

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