22 Dec 2011

Cholombian Sideburns - The Next Greatest Thing

Better than muttonchops

There's a new trend that started in Monterrey, Mexico that will most definitely catch fire along the world - Cholombian sideburns. To acquire this hairstyle sent from the heavens themselves, follow this checklist: 

- shave the back of your head (but leave rat tail)
- keep hair at the top of your head short and spiky
- long bangs covering the forehead
- long sideburns that run from the top of the head down to the chin (which you stick to your face with hair gel)

Now, your head is a work of art. Mix this with the Monkeytail Beard and there's no stopping you in life. See more masterpieces after the jump.

Women are included too

Truly gods among men.

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