10 Jan 2012

Chuck Norris Saves the Environment


I was absolutely stunned when I saw this .gif file. That's right, the human highlight reel that is Chuck Norris is single-handedly (literally) saving the forests from evil loggers.

We all know the man through the awesome Chuck Norris facts but did you know that the man is in reality 71 years old?! No wonder his own personal website looks like it was made in Geocities (if you don't know what I mean, click HERE to go to a site that will Geocities-ize any webpage).

One last thing, did you know that the Chuck Norris facts originated as Vin Diesel facts? Apparently no one believed Mr. Fast & Furious could be that awesome and so they never really captured the world's attention like Mr. Texas Ranger did (see the origin of Chuck Norris facts HERE).

Some awesome Walker Texas Ranger clips (courtesy of Conan O'Brien) after the break:

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  1. I've not seen the chainsaw one before. Amazing!