26 Jan 2012

Chuck Norris Saves the Fashion Industry

fashion fail - Poorly Dressed: Well if they're good enough for Chuck Norris, I'll take 50 pairs please.

Finally, a pair of pants I can wear to the bar AND deliver roundhouse kicks to the face in while at that bar!

Here is the description verbatim: 

Developed for stunt fighting in the movies. These look and wear like regular western jeans but have hidden-gusset and stretch in the fabric so they won't bind your legs or rip out. Redesigned to give a better fit in the waist and thighs. Action Jeans are bootcut style and are left unhemmed to be tailored to your exact length.

My favourite part about the ad is at the bottom left where it says: "Schools: Send for wholesale information."

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  1. What does it say about me when I wanted to get one...