2 Feb 2012

Van Art


The picture that started it all, Krieger's Vanispheres from Archer 3x04 - "The Man From Jupiter" has been From J's most popular searched picture and that inspired this post of awesome van art

Exit...Van Left

Vanispheres was not Krieger's first van paint job, Exit...Van Left earned that title.


Enjoy this and more awesome four-wheeled murals below:


"The back is where I keep Thor's Hammer" 

"So bright... so beautiful... ah, Precious" says the man in the back of the rape van 


Jack in the Box +  The Golden Compass = best fast food mascot ever

The worst part about this van is the Heart Window 


So much Star Wars action that it needs two sets of back tires 

"Luke, use The Force...and get them in the back of the van" 

"1990 Pontiac Tran Sport... Engage!"

I have no idea...:

Apparently mermaids don't cook - who knew? 

I want to see Bo and Luke jump Boss Hogg in this

Now THIS is a War Horse 

Just a tad less obvious than this "Larry Kleist: Rapist" bit from MR. SHOW

Glorious four-wheeled murals!

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