1 Feb 2012

WALK OF SHAME Shuttle Service

A student at the University of Michigan with an entrepreneurial spirit recently opened up her own business to other students: A WALK OF SHAME SHUTTLE. Yes this is real and actually a pretty good idea, although she should probably charge more. 

For $5 she offers a ride to anywhere in Ann Arbor in her mom's van where not only do you get a loving environment free of judgment, you also get a: free bottle of water, a $5 off Plan B coupon, and a high five. That coupon alone pays for the whole thing!

To see the genesis of this idea, check out her blog Ginger Ambition

By the way, if you are wondering: "what is the walk of shame?" First of all, good for you for not having to participate in this embarrassingly public display of your poor choices, and two, for everyone else it is a hilarious sight to see so try and catch it Saturday or Sunday morning/early afternoon. The day after Halloween is an especially exciting day.

  Check out CollegeHumor's informative video above to clarify.

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