4 Mar 2012

PHANTOGRAM - "When I'm Small"

During my research for my forthcoming review of Sleigh Bells' latest CD (it's still coming), I came across the band PHANTOGRAM courtesy of some actual intelligible YouTube comments. Like Sleigh Bells, they are also a two-person band consisting of a female singing over guitar riffs and break beat drums, but unlike Sleigh Bells, they do it in a very cohesive and melodic manner. If you don't care for Sleigh Bells' harsh and dissonant sound, PHANTOGRAM may be what you're looking for.

From their 2009 debut album Eyelid Movies, here's "When I'm Small" with more after the break:

"Mouthful of Diamonds" (from Eyelid Movies):

"Don't Move" (from 2011's Nightlife EP):

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