10 Apr 2012

Mr. SHOW Commercials

MR. SHOW with Bob and David was an absurdist HBO sketch comedy more akin to Monty Python's Flying Circus. With the free reign available on cable television the show was able to go farther with their bits than a show like SNL ever could. It was also the launching pad for Tom Kenny, otherwise known as SpongeBob SquarePants.

One of their specialties was parody commercials, please check a few out:

This one is about two competing grocery stores, one is a homegrown success story steeped in tradition and the other is a fancy new corporate chain. See how a few sentences can destroy years of reputation.  

This is a series of commercial run by extremely wealthy gentlemen who have the means to have political-election quality ads about themselves. 

Everything can be explained through billiards.


[NSFW] I love how nonchalant the announcer is talking about this product!

[NSFW] A commercial that speaks to the overly-obsessed parent who wants to withhold just enough to make their offspring a good human being.

These three commercials all talk about how much time you waste dipping into two different jars to make a sandwich:

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