4 Mar 2013

AUTRE NE VEUT - "Play By Play"

Now this is the song I've had on repeat for a while now; I just can't get sick of it. Brooklyn's own AUTRE NE VEUT brings us an R&B song under the guise of a electronica/shoegaze sound. The singing is passionate and supported with interesting "studio tricks" (like at 2:34) that keeps the song going with refreshing new twists. Most of the song is just a big build up to the song's peak at around 2:50 where the "chorus" (if we can call it that) starts, a repeated phrase sung almost like a gospel track. This song is just so satisfying.

AUTRE NE VEUT just released his new album Anxiety last week and it is full of interesting, neo-soul songs like the single "Counting" that should please fans of many musical genres.

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