17 Mar 2013

Top Ten: LAMB OF GOD Songs

LAMB OF GOD is a groove metal band and one of the leaders of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Some say they have picked up the torch that PANTERA has passed. In 2010, lead singer, Randy Blythe, was arrested in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter over the death of their fan after a concert. Luckily, he was acquitted of all charges.

LAMB OF GOD has released seven devastating studio albums in their career: Burn the Priest (1999), New American Gospel (2000), As The Palaces Burn (2003), Ashes Of The Wake (2004), Sacrament (2006), Wrath (2009), and Resolution (2012).

10. "Blood Junkies" - album: As The Palaces Burn (LISTEN)

"Seething misanthropic, waiting for my death"

What a monstrous intro! I love the sound of that "screaming guitar" and this song has it in spades. This song just has such a strong pulse through out it that drives it along through the verses and breakdowns.

9. "Black Label" - album: New American Gospel (LISTEN)

"I fear nothing, why don't you know?!"

This song sounds so raw with the with the double bass drums just taking the centre stage here. It's so satisfying to hear the quick 16th note run they do at the end of every phrase.

8. "Laid To Rest" - album: Ashes Of The Wake (LISTEN)

"Smother another failure. Lay this to rest."

This is the song that made LAMB OF GOD world famous. I love the riff the band does in unison with that slight delay in it - such a good riff.

7. "Desolation" - album: Resolution (LISTEN)

"In your desolation, still searching for nowhere"

I love how the music video starts off with "SOMEWHERE IN LATIN AMERICA" like they couldn't remember. Great drum solo to start the song off and then the racing guitars join in for the chorus. This song has a monster riff for the verse that seems so nimble at the same time.

6. "Redneck" - album: Sacrament (LISTEN)

"So Goddamn easy to write this, you make it spill on the page"

First off, this song has an amazing music where this bad-ass metal band is playing for a little girl's birthday party! Pure awesome. Also, for a song with the word "m*****f***ing" prominently featured in the chorus, this is almost LAMB OF GOD's poppiest songs with its vocal-lead rhythm and sing-a-longable chorus. Listen to it (not at work) and see if you can resist not singing along with the chorus!

5. "Ashes Of The Wake" - album: Ashes Of The Wake (LISTEN)

"This took place time and time again. No harm, no foul"

In this song, Randy takes a break to let the guitars, and a real Marine do the talking. This song features an excerpt from this soldier's interview where he recounts a chilling tale if eradication during the war in Afghanistan. It is fascinating to listen to on top of the pounding music. Speaking of which, the guitar solos here are brutal as they rip through runs of the pentamic scale.

4. "11th Hour" - album: As The Palaces Burn (LISTEN)

"The hour of reckoning draws near. Judgment day is here and gone"

This song starts off strong right off the gate as the guitars chug along leading to that great "scream" again. When the song picks up the tempo, it really kicks things up a notch. The double bass pedals and crashes just pound the beat while the "screams" become relentless. 3:33 and beyond is sonically one of the best things I've ever experienced.

3. "Blacken The Cursed Sun" - album: Sacrament (LISTEN)

"You're not the only one, to have sunk so far and low. There is no tomorrow"

If I could describe this song in one word it would be "epic." Like most of the songs in Sacrament, the vocals are unusually melodic but brutal nonetheless. The fake call-and-answer sermon that ends the song is devilishly clever.

2. "Ruin" - album: As The Palaces Burn (LISTEN)

"This is the resolution; the end of all progress. The death of evolution."

Another song that lays right into a super-heavy, sludgy riff right off the bat. This awesome riff chugs along as the screaming vocals blast your ear holes. The real magic starts at 2:39 where the drums explode leading to one of the best sounding things I've ever experienced.

1. "Now You've Got Something To Die For" (LISTEN)

"Send the children to the fire, sons and daughters stack the pyre. Stoke the flame of the empire, live to lie another day"

This song's iconic riff just lays into you right away. The lyrics are so brutal; hearing "now you've got something to die for" the first time just sends chills down your spine. The real beauty of this song is how it keeps on changing, getting slower and slower while keeping the intensity up.

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