27 Feb 2012

Get "LIN" the Cage (and other Jeremy Lin Puns)

epic fail  - Jumping on The Bandwagon FAIL

"I'm giving up Jeremy Lin puns for Lint" - Travon Free

In honour of the NBA All-Star weekend, I decided it would finally be fitting to talk about the hottest thing in the NBA right now: Jeremy Lin

If you don't know by now, Lin is a living Cinderella story. An undrafted player who spent his NBA career mainly on the bench, but a string of injuries led the point guard to finally get his chance to shine in front of the Madison Square Garden crowd where he scored 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists. He subsequently led the New York Knicks to a 7-game win streak and revitalized both the team's playoff chances and NY's love for the team. 

Of course, because Jeremy is an American of Asian descent, the media just gobbled this up and spread his name across newspapers and TV and called the craze: Linsanity.

Ben & Jerrys Apologizes for Lin Sanity Fortune Cookie Ice Cream

The popularity of this rising star soared leading Ben & Jerry's to design a new specialty ice cream flavour for the guy. Made up of vanilla and lychee honey with crushed waffles (used to be fortune cookies but they changed it because it was deemed a little racist), I personally would rather eat Ben & Jerry's Stephen Colbert ice cream flavour Americone Dream but that's just me. 

Now the absolute best part of Jeremy's new found popularity is the use of his name in several hilarious puns. Here is David Letterman's "Top Ten Bad Jeremy Lin Puns"

Here are more Lin puns:

Metta World Peace seems to find the Lin puns amusing:

BONUS - and just because I find this video just hilarious, here is a youtube video of a young lady asking out this "Jerry Linn" out on a date:

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