13 Mar 2012



Like I said before, MAD MEN is returning to its rightful place on our TVs on March 25th and please do yourself a favour and check out the season 5 promo trailers if you haven't already. 

While we're waiting for that day a new MAD MEN-related phenomenon has taken over the internet. No it isn't AMC's Mad Men Yourself avatar creator, although that is kind of neat, but it is the new trend of: #Draping.

#draping in the Costco trolley

#Draping is apparently the art of sitting down and placing your right arm up on the chair, mimicking the MAD MEN silhouette in the logo. 

Although it isn't as funny as #Angiesrightleg, it still is popular enough to have its own blog

More #Draping examples below:

Toby #Draping. 

#Draping in Denim at Translation, LLC 

News 4 #Draping 

Ski Lift #Draping 

A 16th Century #draping gent 

This is Marlee. He occasionally likes to sit back and relax in his chair after a day of client meetings and rug-scratching.   

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