6 Oct 2012


The following Top Ten has been compiled by guest blogger, the lovely Ingrid.

MOTHER MOTHER is a five-piece indie-rock band based in Vancouver, BC.  Signed to Last Gang Records (think Metric, Death from Above, and New Pornographers), Mother Mother is one of those bands that still practices the lost art of making cohesive albums.  Don’t let Pitchfork fool you, this is an absolutely fantastic little band, that’s even better live.  Their work is superb.  Known for their complex harmonies and penchant for irony, this is a band that consistently pushes out fun-punchy songs, with dark sardonic lyrical musings.  In full disclosure, this list was incredibly difficult to compile. There was so much I wanted to put on this list, but alas I was only allowed 10 songs. And rules are rules. 

10. The Stand - album: Eureka (2011)

This love child of indie rock and electronica stands out from Mother Mother’s usual offerings.   Like Verbatim, this genre-bending song is fantastically fun and catchy despite the gravity of the lyrics.  Come have a chat with Ryan Guldemond via song!  Though the song’s protagonist may or may not be contemplating suicide, this must be the most pleasant way to be told that "everyone’s f**ked and you don’t even know." 

9. Happy - album: The Sticks (2012)

Pleasantly haunting. Montage of sadness and melancholy.  "Happy is a pill for the faint of heart." 

8. Infinitesimal - album: The Sticks (2012)

So fun. Sing along. You know you want to! The rift and chorus of this song are infectious.  But remember, that even though you’re enjoying yourself, you’re infinitesimal and I’m starting to think that Ryan Guldemond has depression. 

7. Bit By Bit - album: The Sticks (2012)

Aside from "The Sticks," this may be the most distorted bass you’ll hear on a Mother Mother album.  But what really sells this song is the screaming determination in the dissonance of the voices in the chorus.  They really hate you. Go away 

6. Verbatim - album: Touch Up (2007)

This is a song about gender roles. Such a cool subject to explore in a song.  For a super interesting change of pace, Ryan borderline raps the verses. On top of that, the song has a beat, guitar rift, and bass fit for R&B. So Cool. 

5. Wrecking Ball - album: O My Heart (2008)

The disparate messages of the lyrics and the melody makes this one facetious little gem.  The quintessential mid-tempo Mother Mother song with rich harmonies, and cool use of uncommon instruments.

4. O My Heart - album: O My Heart (2008)

The bass drives this song.  But what is really cool are the almost-dissonant harmonies and syncopated singing.

3. Hay Loft - album: O My Heart (2008)

Panic. Panic now! The guitars in this song bid you to panic because Daddy has a gun and he’s coming to put a stop to your fornication. 

2. The Sticks - album: The Sticks (2012)

Echoing drums and a distorted bass reminiscent of “Ava Adore” by the Smashing Pumpkins.  There’s a decidedly sinister, haunting sound to this song. 

1. Body Of Years - album: O My Heart (2008)

Mother Mother’s breakout song.  Let the distorted bass, Ryan’s punky-gender-indeterminate-voice, and Molly/Jasmine’s harmonies entrance you.  Entrance you and lead you somewhere haunted and repressed.  Everyone shove those uncomfortable feelings inside of you.  Shove harder. 


A here is a glimpse of the crazy madness the lovely Ingrid went through in creating this list. And who thought making a Top Ten was easy?!  Thanks Ingrid.

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